Quiz 18: Polity Questions for SSC, Bank, UP Police

Welcome to your Quiz 18: Polity Questions for SSC, Bank, UP Police

In Indian Constitution idea of establishing social and economic democracy through a welfare state contained in –
The Directive Principles of State Policy, embodied in?
Who has described the Directive Principles of State Policy as ‘a cheque payable by the bank concerned at its own convenience’?
The Fundamental Duties of citizens were added to the Constitution in 1976 by?
Which Article of the Indian constitution provides for the employer to give maternity benefits to its employees?
Article-40 of the Indian Constitution deals with?
Article 44 of Indian Constitution is related to?
The 11th Fundamental Duty was added to the Constitution of India by the 86th constitutional amendment in?
Each candidate for President of India election has to make a security deposit of ?
What is the retirement age of the President?

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